Media and Public Relations

Media and Public Relations

The relationship between companies and the media can be a difficult one to navigate. That's where we can help. Working with the media is important to support positive public perception. By providing the reporters with key information about the happenings with your local or your global company, we can help to build brand awareness and support marketing and business development. Positive public perception also builds community relations, and can support company efforts to build governmental relations with local, state and federal officials. Through press releases, media articles, editorials, advertorials, open houses and events, and tours or town halls, we can help you open the doors to new clients and take ownership of your message.

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Marketing and Advertising

No company is successful without it's clients. Finding a way to get to your clients and capture their attention is what marketing and advertising is all about. Do you need to create a market strategy to determine your next location launch? Do you need market research to launch a new product? Could you benefit from the right messaging and advertising to capture the attention of a new generation? No matter your need, we can help. We love working with our clients to analyze their immediate and future needs. We develop targeted marketing and advertising to meet with each client's objectives. We can support our clients efforts with print, digital and social media advertising, and video development efforts.

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Content & Messaging

At the core of good communication is using the right words to tell your story. If you need help crafting a compelling message to tell your story, we can help. We love writing blogs, articles, press releases, brochure and web content, and everything in between. Whether you are a brand new start-up that needs help telling your story, or a long-standing company that needs a brand refresher, we can help. Contact us today to discuss what you need to say and how we can help you say it the right way the first time.

Event Management

Corporate Event Planning

Your core business is not focused on event planning. However, your business can get a tremendous benefit from hosting a corporate or sporting event. That is where Schoeffler Communications can serve as a cost-effective ally to produce a high-quality event. We have done some extraordinary work for a host of companies, charitable groups, not-for-profit organizations, social welfare leagues and more. With our extensive network, our understanding of event budgets and fundraising, our relationships with key vendors, and our experience, we can take the stress out of planning your next big event. Our mission is to create value for our customers by cost-effectively providing specialized skills and resources through focused utilization and management.

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