Schoeffler Communications serves a number of industries and works with companies across the United States and abroad.

Fashion and Beauty

The Fashion and Beauty industries are multi-billion markets that are constantly evolving and growing every day. Our clients need strong content, compelling visuals and measurable strategy to launch new brands, develop new products, and move into new markets. We love working with new companies, small boutiques, up and coming designers, fashion stylists, beauty and cosmetic lines, hair and makeup artists and those in and supporting the fashion and beauty world to succeed. If you can dream it, Schoeffler Communications can make it happen.

Energy IndustryOil and Gas, Energy

In a city like Houston, oil and gas is a major contributor to our city's economic development. The many oil and gas and energy companies based here fuel our city with job opportunities, infrastructure support, and philanthropic investment. Our oil and gas and energy clientele benefit from media and public relations support, press releases and technical communication development, market-driven sales and business development plans and materials, crisis communications plans and directives, investor relations, and much more. Technology and consumer need drives fast-paced advancements in the industry and keeping your company top of mind is essential to your bottom line success.


New restaurants, hotels, entertainment facilities and meeting spaces open every day. Competition is fierce and customer loyalty, especially in a large metroplex like Houston, can be fleeting. Finding the right message to either launch your new local pub or cantina, or to rebrand your existing hotel or convention center, can mean the difference between black and red on your financial statement. Schoeffler Communications can help business owners who excel at being the best host, to appeal to their target clients. We help businesses to target their customer base, craft the right message to speak to those customers, and create programs and processes to drive customer loyalty that leads to long-term success.


Healthcare impacts the lives of men, women and children all across this great nation. Though cost and need drive healthcare choices, trust is a major factor in why someone needing healthcare chooses your organization, foundation, doctor or dentist's office or hospital. Finding the right message to showcase your expertise, quality care, and efficiency is key to grabbing the interest of your potential clients. We can develop marketing, collateral for your sales teams, we can work with the media to pitch stories and press releases, we can develop technical articles with your staff experts and presentations for speaking opportunities, we can coordinate open houses for your new projects or branch offices and more.

Arts & Entertainment

Artists and Entertainers bring their passion and their creativity to everything they do and they need marketing support from people who love and understand their craft. We are not just music and art lovers, we are all deeply enshrined in the art and music scene.  From our graphic designers, to our copy developers, to our photographers and videographers, all of us came to this marketing world because of our own love for art of all varieties. We understand what it means to put your heart and soul into everything you create. We can help launch new bands, new venues, new projects, new collections and everything in between. If you have a new book coming our or a solo-show to promote, give us a call.

 Non-profitsNon-Profit/Charitable Organizations

Your passion and mission to help others is what led to the launch of your non-profit organization. You are focused on helping people improve their lives. One of the greatest hurdles that non-profit organizations face has a two-fold impact - community awareness. If your organization is not top of mind, the people you can help will not know they can turn to you. Also, if your company is not known, potential benefactors, donors, and volunteers do not know how they can help you. We can help any non-profit to get its message out to the community. From marketing strategies, to press releases, to social media and advertising, and beyond, there are many vehicles available to spread your message and your mission.