Press releases are often the most efficient and least expensive marketing tool you can use to grow your business. Press releases are effective for companies of all sizes, in all industries, and help to build company interest, brand awareness, and shape a positive reputation.

Proactive Reporting Helps You Get Positive Media Attention

An informative and compelling press release quickly conveys essential information to an attentive, interested audience. That audience includes members of the media who will share your story with others. That audience also includes existing and future customers.  That audience might also include potential investors willing to support your business in its continued growth and prosperity.

No matter your company focus or mission, there are 9 key benefits of press releases:

  1. Inform the market about a new company, location, product, offering, advancement or exciting development.
  2. Drive sales by engaging existing and potential customers.
  3. Reach a new audience or expand your market share.
  4. Distribute information across multiple channels in multiple markets.
  5. Increase traffic to websites or social media channels.
  6. Improve search engine optimization (SEO) & provide high-level market research.
  7. Build thought-leadership and highlight industry expertise.
  8. Build relationship with media and industry publications that serve the markets and inform existing and potential customers.
  9. Control the communication and get your story out first.

Press releases help you to quickly and cost-effectively share valuable information with a broad audience. Press releases are great marketing tools to drive success, sales and profit.

What new information do you have to share about your company?